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Welcome to the Steno Wizard's Realtime Journey!

Remember when life was simple and all you had to do was make a selection on what your steno really meant? Those days are long gone.

Reporters must get themselves into top realtime form to compete in today's job market. This is my contribution toward ALL of us reaching the realtime goal.

My Steno Wizardry concept is based on the idea that writing realtime actually doesn't require magic -- just hard work, determination, and a little bit of FUN imagination.

My hope is my sharing of the ideas I've incorporated into my realtime journey will assist you in yours.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sharing some Philadelphia Clinic Theory Phrases

Steno Wizard learned a smattering of brief phrases courtesy of the Philadelphia Clinic Theory (incorporating others picked up along the way) and thought it would be awesome to share these.

On the left-hand side of the keyboard...

KWRA I can't
KWREU I didn't
KWRU I couldn't
KWRAO I wouldn't
SKWRA you can't
SKWRO you don't
SKWRU you couldn't
SKWRAO you wouldn't

Then hook up these to the above strokes from the right-hand side of the keyboard...
-S say
-Z see
-NK think
-NKS think so
-MT mean to
-MTS mean to say
-BL believe
-BLS believe so
-NTS notice
-NDZ understand
-J imagine
-RKT recollect
-R remember
-RL recall
-RLS realize
-F have
-N know
-T tell
-TS tell us
-K care
-FG figure
-RZ recognize
-L like
-PT want

These are great for increasing Q&A speed.


  1. I've also seen "I can't" KWRA and then "you can't" KWA

    lifting up the R only instead of adding the S for the "you" phrases

  2. Wow, now that's something new for me. Hmmm...that's a really interesting concept. Thank you so much for sharing.